4x4 Multi-Artist Single Series
Section 44 is proud to offer a series of multi-artist singles. Get four songs from four artists for the price of one single. It's a great way to learn about new acts and get unreleased tracks. Buy an issue for one artist and get three additional artists free. Sure to please. Perfect for the collector and working dj looking for something new.

4x4 Volume One

4x4: Volume One
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Le Premier Pas
Carte Blanche - SAMPLE
My Happiness
Paris In Our Hearts (Extended Mix) - SAMPLE
Principio de fin

Empire State Human
Easy Colour - SAMPLE
Sonic Prophet
Chase The Ace - SAMPLE
Dollar In Blue Collar (2005 Single Mix)

The Thought Criminals

Date Rape Lovers - SAMPLE

First Embrace (Infinite Beat Remix) - SAMPLE
I'm Under No One (Blind Faith & Envy Remix) - SAMPLE
First Embrace (Empire State Human Remix)

4x4: Volume Two
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I Know Goodbye - SAMPLE
Across the Distance - SAMPLE
Nothing But Nothing

Give Me A Reason (Namnambulu Remix) - SAMPLE
Victory Of The Heart
I Count On You - SAMPLE

Rhythmic Symphony

Self-Possesed - SAMPLE
Shards of Scarlet
Find Me
Too Afraid

Could've Had It All (Ctrl Remix) - SAMPLE
Obvious (D.J. Dissent Remix)
Visualize (Bo City Mix by Rename) - SAMPLE
Flood of Emotion (Cloudless Remix)





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