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Fake The Envy, is a Danish based electropop duo, with strong roots in the traditional school of synth-based music. Having existed since 2001, Fake The Envy released their debut album, "As They Fall" in early 2006, which was well received and have gotten several live performances under their belt since. Among these, an opening job for VNV Nation in Copenhagen, Denmark, in April 2006.
Fake The Envy consists of Kristian Krøll (vocals, synths, samplers) and Kent Richard Petersen (synths, samplers).
Putting most of their efforts into songwriting, Fake The Envy base their sound on traditionally catchy, yet haunting melodies with strong vocals. Add to that, a bit of grit in the sounds and production, along with a spread of melancholic lyrics, and you have Fake The Envy.

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Fake The Envy - Blind
Release Date: March 2007
Label: Section 44

1 Intro
2 Broken - sample
3 Blind
4 Sweep Us All Away
5 The Coldest Tiles - sample
6 Tell Me Tell Me - sample
7 Forsaken
8 Truth of People Damned
9 Warriors
10 Nothing Left To Say - sample


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Fake The Envy - As They Fall
Release Date: 2005
Label: Idleworks

1 Into the Night
2 Frozen Faces - sample
3 Vision - sample
4 Wasting My Shame
5 Cast Aside
6 Obsolete
7 As They Fall
8 What Kind of Mess - sample




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