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Nova Pulsar album released

12/1/14 Section 44 is thrilled to announced Nova Pulsar's album Resplandecer is now released. Pick-up a copy via iTunes today. Email to arrange a real cd.

Assemblage 23 w/Eloquent (November live show)

9/10/12 Section 44 is sponsoring the Assemblage 23 tour in Denver, Colorado. Tickets are available here. Eloquent will support A23 in Denver and throw a release party the same night.

March 2012 Update

3/10/12 Welcome back. Our site was hacked and we finally got a version of it back. We'll be launching a new site later in year. The store isn't working right since crash. So, buy from A Different Drum for all releases for now. Support synthpop! We'll work on updating site soon.. And announce long-awaited releases from Alphabet Girls and Eloquent.

Say Goodbye to our old forums

6/15/11Social media has moved-on past old forum formats. So, we've removed the forums from the site. Please visit our facebook page by clicking on icon above and LIKE us!

The Alphabet Girls NEW ALBUM! July 2011

6/15/11The Alphabet Girls are back with a new studio album. Recorded in 2009, this is long overdue. 'Mondo Striptease' holds 11 new songs including a cover of Joy Division's 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'. Album available in July 2011.

Leiahdorus and Die Brücke LIVE SHOW - Denver Labor Day weekend

8/17/10 Leiahdorus and Die Brucke will perform on Sunday, Labor Day weekend, 2010 at The Church Nightclub, Denver, Colorado. Free from 9-10pm. $5 after. This will be the official release party for Colorado for Leiahdorus's new studio album.

Leiahdorus NEW ALBUM out now! May 2010

5/24/10 Leiahdorus has a new album out today. Check their band page for complete tracklist and ordering information. Congrats to Leiahdorus! Alphabet Girls new album will hit next week as well.

Assemblage 23 back in Denver, Colorado - MAY 11, 2010 LIVE SHOW

3/6/10 We're bringing back Tom Shear and his band to play Denver on Tues, May 11th, 2010. The show is at Cervantes (same place as the 200 show). Angel Theory and Section 44's Eloquent will open for the show. Tickets HERE.

Leiahdorus and Nova Pulsar join Section 44

10/22/09 Section 44 is proud to have Leiahdorus and Nova Pulsar join Section 44. Look for new releases from both artists in 2010! Welcome!!! A special thanks to Todd Durrant for his longtime support of synthpop music / Leiahdorus!!!! - Randall

Dead or Alive cover from Spray on Desperate Housewives

10/1/09 Spray's cover of Dead of Alive's 'Spin Me Round' from our Electronic Tribute to DOA was picked-up for a recent episode of Desperate Housewives. Catch the episode here. The song is during the club scene about 1/2 through.

Triple Release Party - Labor Day Weekend DENVER - The Church

9/2/09 Come out to support three Denver local bands. We're throwing a release party for Die Bruke, Sybel and Eloquent. Location: The Church, 1160 Lincoln Street, Denver. Doors at 9pm. Free until 10pm. Live performances by Sybel and Die Brucke. CD giveaways all night.

Sybel (Costa Rica) release debut album 'Senses' - Make history

9/2/09 Today marks Costa Rica history. The first electronic release from the country! Sybel's debute 'Senses' is out and is available via or our store. Look for a release party in next week or so.

VNV Nation - Denver show - Sunday July 5th - Afterparty at Church

5/5/09 We'll be promoting the VNV Nation show in Denver, Sunday July 5th at the Gothic Theater. We're also hosting an after party at The Church with the band. Click on banner ad to the left for ticket infomration/purchasing. This will be a great show. See you there. Look for some flyers/promotion at the State of the Union show this Friday at Tracks.

ROYAL VISIONARIES - Debut album released

4/8/08 Section 44's first release of the year will be Swedish synthpop act Royal Visionaries. Their debut album 'Analogue Fairytale' is current at the pressing plant. Look for a March/April release. A solid album focusing on the classic synthpop sound eloquently crafted by Patrik Sjöström and Steven Cochran (Eloquent) but with a modern twist. Includes 'Back to Yazoo', 'No One Has to Cry' (the Fixx) and their Dead or Alive cover of 'Stop Kicking My Heart Around'. 14 tracks total.

Colony 5 - Denver LIVE SHOW - May 9th, 2008

4/6/08 Section 44's will host COLONY 5 on May 9, 2008. Also appearing, Germany's Headless and Costa Rica's Sybel (Section 44 band). Show at Benders Tavern in Denver Colorado. Doors 8pm. $10. Tix information to follow in our store..

Machine Made Pleasure join Section 44

3/27/08 Section 44 is proud to annouce that Machine Made Pleasure has joined the label. See artist section for complete information.

Splendor Projekt join Section 44

3/27/08 Splendor Projekt has joined Section 44 from Texas, USA.

VOLTAIRE - Denver LIVE SHOW - April 9th, 2008

3/6/08 Section 44's will host VOLTAIRE in Denver: Wed, April 9th 2008 at Quixotes. Welton and 27th street - same location as AND ONE and A23 shows.. Just a door down. Only holds 300, so get your tix soon. This is a very unique show from a master of the Goth scence. Very entertaining! TIX AVAILABLE HERE - ONLY $10

AND ONE - Denver LIVE SHOW - Feb 26th, 2008

and one

12/18/07 Section 44 will host AND ONE Feb 26, 2008 in Denver. The show will be at Cervantes Theatre. See store for your tickets today. New Mexico's The Echoing Green will open for this show. And One is only playing three USA dates. This is a rare treat not to be missed.

People Theatre join Section 44


11/1/07 From France, People Theatre has joined the Section 44.

Esctatic Mood join Section 44


11/1/07 From Sweden, Escatic Mood has joined the Section 44.

Tycho Brahe - New album available NOW

tycho 11/12/07 Tycho Brahe's new remix album "the atlantic remixes" is now available via our online shop. A Different Drum will also carry the release. iTunes and CD Baby will be up soon with this release.

Storybox joins the Section 44 collective

8/1/07 Storybox has joined Section 44. Dave Montana first appeared on Section 44's Sector One, Volume One. His album, No Dancing Alllowed will be released in August 2007. Check-out his artist page for more information, links, etc. Welcome Storybox.

Section 44 hosts Assemblage 23 - OCTOBER 20th

7/12/07 Section 44 is proud to host the Assemblage 23 show in Denver, Colorado USA. The show is OCTOBER 20th, 2007 and will be at Cervantes Club in Denver.

Fake the Envy album available

5/2/07 Fake the Envy's second album is now available in our webshop. It will hit the streets in one week. Side-LIne has already reviewed the release and has wonderful things to say. Check it out. Link to Section 44 webshop.

Sector One - Volume 2 Slots left

2/2/07 The second installment in the Sector Series is looking for bands. See the official Sector Series page for complete details. We have three spots left to fill.

Sybel join Section 44

2/1/07 From Costa Rica, Sybel join the Section 44 collective. Their page has been created. Stop by to learn about this new partnership. Sybel's debut "Senses" will be out mid 2007. Their first releases will be a song on the upcoming Sector One, Volume Two on Section 44. Welcome.

Tycho Brahe and Fake the Envy join Section 44

1/12/07 Section 44 is proud to partner with Australia's Tycho Brahe and Denmark's Fake the Envy. Look for new releases in early 2007 on Section 44. Fake the Envy first appeared on Section 44 as part of Sector One, Volume One. Tycho Brahe's first S44 release will be a remix album. More information to follow under Artists pages for each band.

Chinese Theatre Released Today

11/29/06 Chinese Theatre's debut is now out. You can order it directly from Chineses Theatre or a number of sites including Section 44 or A Different Drum. iTunes, Amazon, etc. will have theirs in 1-4 weeks. Until it's added at our store, you can email us for ordering instructions.

Chinese Theatre joins Section 44 - Debut album out soon

10/26/06 Section 44 is proud to announce the addition of Chinese Theatre to our artist collective. Their debut album 'Voices & Machines' is currently in production and will be available in November, 2006. It holds collaboratins with !Distain, Foretaste, Purveyor, Royal Visinaries and a few bonus remixes (Hajas, AMP, Peter Rainman)

Silver Echo Records First Compilation Release / Section 44 Artists

10/1/06 Silver Echo Records have released their first label compilation. It holds exclusive remixs of Tristraum and Eloquent. Also: Blind Faith & Envy, Blank, Caustic, BND, Color Theory, Neuroactive, Stochastic Theory, Preemptive Strike, Orange Sector and Retractor.

Sector One - Volume 2 call for entries

9/9/06 The second installment in the Sector Series is looking for bands. See the official Sector Series page for complete details. Sector One - Volume One was just released. It's a great way to promote and learn about new bands. 18 tracks on each issue.

New Releases: Provision MCD and Sector One

9/8/06 Two releases are now available via our webshop and A Different Drum. Provision's first single 'Ideal Warfare' from the Section 44 debut 'The Consequence' and the long-awaited Sector Series debut: Sector One - Volume 1. Check 'em out in our webshop!

Remix Section 44

8/8/06 Three Section 44 artists are up for grabs in the remix circle. The Alphabet Girls, Eight to Infinity and Tristraum remix kits can be found here. Everything you need to get started is ready for download. If your remix is picked, you'll be featured on the forthcoming singles or label compilations. Good luck.

Rhythmic Symphony album released - Release Party Information

8/5/06 Rhythmic Symphony's album is now available. Check our webshop or A Different Drum. A release party will occur on Aug 16th at The Shelter Club, Denver, Colorado, USA. 9pm. Everyone through the door gets a Section 44 promo cd. Come out for Justin's release!

Promo with A Different Drum

7/16/06 Section 44 is partnering with A Different Drum and Ninthwave to produce a new music sampler. This free cd will ship in all orders from all labels involved. It features Code 64, Tristraum, Intuition, Rhythmic Symphony, Junk Circuit, Space March, Monica Schroeder, Eight to Infinity, Nevaraka, Provision, Virtual Server, Alphabet Girls, Eloquent, Pristina, Rename, Synthetik FM and Capsize. Mastered by Resonance Mastering (Los Angeles)

Rhythmic Symphony signs to Section 44

6/12/06 Rhythmic Symphony has joined with Section 44 to release their debut album 'The Mechanism Fulfilled'. Release date is scheduled for July, 2006. The album holds eleven tracks. Most of the album was recorded at the Echoing Green studios with Joey Belville. This will be one of the stand-out releases of the year from a newcomer.

Tristraum "First Embrace" maxi released today

6/11/06 Tristraum's second single from their debut album 'Gray' was released today. It holds three songs and seven remixes. Includes the rare tech house remix off the vinyl release of "Shiver". Styles range from straight electro to trance to darkwave/goth. Order today.

Eight To Infinity 'Aether" released today

5/5/06 UK's Eight to Infinity's Aether is available today. Check our webshop for ordering details. A Different Drum will have copies next week. Thirteen tracks.

New Artist Compilation - Sector 1 & 2

4/27/06 Sector 1 featuring the best in new electronic music will be released in May/June.Click here for track listing and band bios. If you're interested in appearing on Sector 2, you can find details here. Deadline is June 28th.

Provision album shipping

2/27/06 Provision's 'The Consequence' will ship on March 3rd. All pre-orders from Provision's website and Section 44's store will be the first shipped on Friday. Get your copy today!

Eight To Infinity Join Section 44 / New Album

2/17/06 UK's Eight to Infinity has joined Section 44 to release their forthcoming album 'Aether'. The album will hold 14 tracks and should be available by May, 2006. Look for complete artist information and downloads on this site. Welcome Eight To Infinity.

Tristraum album released

2/7/06 Tristraum's debut 'Gray' has been released. The album hold ten tracks including the singles 'Shiver', 'First Embrace' and a rare Gary Numan cover of 'Walking With Shadows'. Look for our full-page back-cover ad in February's Side-Line Magazine. Press reviews coming soon. Gray can be purchased in our shop or A Different Drum.

Section 44 Release News

1/12/06 Happy New Year! Both Tristraum and Provision will release their next albums in Feb, 2006. Expect singles to follow shortly. Check the webshop for order information in late January. We've added two Alphabet Girls downloads today and expect some Cosmicity and Eight to Infinity information on our site soon.

Section 44 Radio Launched Today

11/17/05 Section 44 has hit the airwaves. Our station at Live 365 can be heard 24/7. The playlist includes eletronica/synthpop/darkwave/ ebm/industrial and then some. Updates to the playlist are weekly.

Section 44 and Kiss My Asterix Records

11/11/05 Section 44 has acquired Los Angeles label Kiss My Asterix. Bands include Cosmicity, Domino Effect, Eight to Infinity, Empire State Human, Kiss the Star and The Alphabet Girls. Look for more news in the coming weeks. KMA titles will be added to our store soon. The Alphabet Girls and ESH both have new albums out.

Provision Joins Section 44

11/9/05 After a 2 month U.S. Tour supporting their 2nd album Visualize released last year on A DifferentDrum, Provision has signed to Section 44. Their new album "The Consequence" will be release in March, 2006.

Sloth Radio Forums Moved to Section 44

10/15/05 Sloth Radio's forums have moved to Section 44. Sloth Radio will continue to broadcast your favorite synthpop/electronic music. Stay tuned-in! For current Sloth Radio forum users, click on the FORUM menu item. Sign-up and start posting. New users are always welcome to our new electronic community. Welcome all!

4X4: Volume 2 In Production

10/1/05 Volume 2 of 4x4 is currently in production. It will feature four tracks each from Provision, Endanger, Rhythmic Symphony and MODyssey. It's a great collection of modern synthpop/electronic artists. Release date is scheduled for November, 2005.
SEE 4x4 DETAIL PAGE for more information.

4X4: Mega Single Series Volume 1 Announced

5/29/05 Sound samples for tracks can be heard in our Webshop. Release date is schedule for June 22, 2005. The EP will be available via A Different Drum, Metropolis, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, etc.

1/17/05 Section 44 and Kiss My Asterix Records will be releasing a series of multi-band combo-singles titled "4X4". Each volume will hold four bands and three to four tracks per artist. Volume One will hold Tristraum, Empire State Human, The Thought Criminals and Eloquent. Release date scheduled for March 2005.

THE FIXX: An Electronic Tribute Released Today

4/13/05 The Fixx: An Electronic Tribute was released today. All pre-orders have been shipped. The dedicated website for the project is located at: You can preview every track and order your copy today.

ROCKET: A Tribute to Dead or Alive Release Information

5/27/05 Release Party photos are now posted here.

4/22/05 Rocket has been released and shipped worldwide. See for compete information on this release or click on SHOP here at Section44. Release parties will be held in May and June globally. You can also purchase ROCKET at A Different Drum, Metropolis and Intrapop (Germany).

4/13/05 The official release date for the Dead or Alive tribute is April 22nd, 2005.

1/3/05 We have launched a dedicated website for the DOA tribute project. You can find sound samples and band bios here.

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