Sloth Radio Forums Moved to Section 44

1015/05 Sloth Radio's forums have moved to Section 44. Sloth Radio will continue to broadcast your favorite synthpop/electronic music. Stay tuned-in! For current Sloth Radio forum users, click on the FORUM menu item. Sign-up and start posting. New users are always welcome to our new electronic community. Welcome all!

4X4: Volume 2 In Production

10/1/05 Volume 2 of 4x4 is currently in production. It will feature four tracks each from Provision, Endanger, Rhythmic Symphony and MODyssey. It's a great collection of modern synthpop/electronic artists. Release date is scheduled for November, 2005.
Pre-Order Your Copy Today - $10

4X4: Mega Single Series Volume 1 Announced

5/29/05 Sound samples for all tracks can be heard in our Webshop. Release date is schedule for June 22, 2005. The EP will be available via A Different Drum, Metropolis, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, etc.

1/17/05 Section 44 and Kiss My Asterix Records will be releasing a series of multi-band combo-singles titled "4X4". Each volume will hold four bands and three to four tracks per artist. Volume One will hold Tristraum, Empire State Human, The Thought Criminals and Eloquent. Release date scheduled for March 2005.

THE FIXX: An Electronic Tribute Released Today

4/13/05 The Fixx: An Electronic Tribute was released today. All pre-orders have been shipped. The dedicated website for the project is located at: You can preview every track and order your copy today.

ROCKET: A Tribute to Dead or Alive Release Information

5/27/05 Release Party photos are now posted here.

4/22/05 Rocket has been released and shipped worldwide. See for compete information on this release or click on SHOP here at Section44. Release parties will be held in May and June globally. You can also purchase ROCKET at A Different Drum, Metropolis and Intrapop (Germany).

4/13/05 The official release date for the Dead or Alive tribute is April 22nd, 2005.

1/3/05 We have launched a dedicated website for the DOA tribute project. You can find sound samples and band bios here.

TRISTRAUM - Release Information

7/21/05 First Embrace appears on DJ Coppertop's Hysteria compilation. It's a non-stop dj mix featuring Iris, Rupesh Cartel, Negative Format, Delobbo, Nevarakka, Virtual Server, Cosmicity, Blank, Rotersand, Headscan, Yavin4, DJ Feel, Tooga, Endanger and Electrophile. Order you copy today at Storming the Bass.

5/27/05 "First Embrace (Amuri Remix)" will appear on Advanced Club 0.2 from Advanced Synergy Records. Also appearing on this compilation: Ayria, Neikka RPM, Glis, Aiboforcen, Sero Overdose, Iris, Sara Noxx, Alpha Conspiracy, Sequencia, Auxiliar Channel, Headscan, Syrian, ISamsara and Proactiv. Click here to order you copy.

4/18/05 Tristraum's official "First Embrace" release will hold three songs and six remixes of the title track not offered on "4x4". This single will also hold the exclusive collaboration with Empire State Human's Aidan Casserly titled "17". Release date July 2005.

12/6/04 Tristraum's second single "First Embrace" will be released in early 2005 as part of a multi-band MCD. Tristraum will be joined by Empire State Human, Royal Visionaries & The Thought Criminals. The release will be a joint venture between S44 and Kiss My Asterix Records (Los Angeles).

12/6/04 Tristraum's first MCD single "Shiver" is available. It features three songs and nine remixes. Mixes by Assemblage 23, Echo Image, Infam, Empire State Human, Equatronic & many more. Lot's to choose from if you're a working dj. The Lime n Dale remix has topped club charts around the world.

12/6/04 A limited 12" vinyl of "Shiver" was released in June '04 with three exclusive remixes. Two breakbeat mixes and one epic tech house remix by Therm (Belgium). Order you copy today.