Section 44 is proud to announce a new series of various artist compilations. The Sector Series will bring together the best in emerging and established electronic music.

Title: Sector One: Volume 1
Release Date: June 2006

Bands: If you're interested in appearing on Sector 2, drop us a line.
Audio samples for each song will be available soon.

Artist Line-Up: Sector One

Alphabet Girls (United Kindom) - There's A Radio Playing In My Head

The Alphabet girls are a London-based female duo that play '80s influenced electronic pop music. They have been featured on 'Electroculture' CD Volume One in the U.S.A. and on 'Project Electra' CD Volume #3 in Japan. Their first full-length CD 'Beatnik Europa' has just been released by KMA/Section 44. The girls have played many of the London electro clubs and have done supports with Client and the industrial band Sheep on Drugs. Pick-up their album in our webshop. Expect a single of "I Love Sushi" in Fall, 2006.
Atomzero (Canada) - comPassion

Initially a springboard of musical doodles for Peter Godziszewski (electronics and lyrics), atomzero has evolved as a duo with Gord Clement (electronics, lyrics and vocals).
Their collaborative efforts are yielding a mix of electronic sub genres combining
ebm with synthpop.
Canal Pop (Argentina) - Cool In Japan

Canal Pop is an electropop duo from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bandmembers are
Emiliano Canal, keyboards and production, and Gaby Laguzzi, voices. The band specializes in recording catchy electropop songs with somehow ironic lyrics, all sung by Gaby's powerful voice with dozens of overdubs. The band is currently finishing their debut album,
"Welcome To The Dream".
Color Theory (USA) - Behind the Rhine (Intuition's Alternative Radio Edit)

Color Theory is the musical alter ego of Huntington Beach singer-keyboardist-songwriter Brian Hazard. Hazard creates piano-driven electronic pop with a romantic soul, combining the emotional intensity of Tori Amos with a spacious backdrop of luscious synths and dance floor beats to create a distinctly modern brand of pop sophistication. The new sixth CD, Color Theory presents Depeche Mode, is a one-man tribute to Depeche Mode. The album reinvents eleven of their most underappreciated songs, and also includes the track "Ponytail Girl", the Color Theory original that was mistakenly thought as a Depeche Mode track.
deZeption (Denmark) - Teach Me

In May 2003 the danish futurepop act deZeption saw the first light of day. The intention was to create a positive and inspiring sound with deep, meaningful and often very ambiguous lyrics. So is deZeption what it appears to be? Or is there something more to it? Is deZeption deception? Or can more be heard between the lines? Obviously this is up to the listener to decide, but it certainly is the band’s clear intention to move the audience. The lyrics and the energy put into the music and the sound can be very deceptive. With lyrics based on a dualistic and melancholic view of life one might wonder: Maybe there is something more to it? Maybe you can change something with positive vibes? Or maybe it’s all one great deZeption…
Eight to Infinity (United Kindom) - Say You'll Come

Eight to Infinity is an adventure in modern music. An experimental clash of pop, electronics and post pop-culture observation. Eight to Infinity formed in 2002 with classical performance graduate Alistair Thomson and programming/electronics graduate Arron Clague pooling their talents to create a new sound in electronic music. Joined the following year by Val Wallace, sampling and production guru, and finally by vocalist/guitarist Sophie Scott in 2004. The band is based in the Isle of Man and in London. ETI's debut album "Aether" is available in our webshop.
Eloquent (USA) - Carte Blanche (People Theatre's Grand Affair Mix)

Eloquent is Steven Cochran and Randall Erkelens. Eloquent's debut album Future Pop was released in 2004. Modern synthpop is the best way to describe Eloquent's sound. Influenced by classic '80s synth soundscapes, Eloquent writes upbeat, dancefloor songs with infectious melodies. Eloquent is currently in the studio completing their second album. Release date is scheduled for 2006.The original version of Carte Blanche is available on 4x4, Volume 1 via Section 44's webshop.
Empire State Human (Ireland) - Stars Shine Bright

Empire State Human formed in 1999 (current line-up: Aidan Casserly , Lar Kiernan, Seán Barron & Warren Kiernan) and ESH create contemporary song and instrumental based electronic music, with a retro-electro edge. Their music is a combination of analogue and digital synthesized sound, mixed with powerful rhythms and overlaid with strong pop vocal melodies. This track comes from their latest studio album "Cycles" available in our webshop.
Fake The Envy (Denmark) - Vision

Putting most of their efforts into songwriting, Fake The Envy base their sound on traditionally catchy melodies with strong vocals. Add to that, a bit of grit and harshness in the sounds and production along with a spread of melancholic lyrics, and you have... Fake The Envy.
Glow (USA) - Double

"St. Louis' Glow is one of the regions strongest electronica groups, with a small but dedicated international following. With influences ranging from The Cure and Cocteau Twins to Evanescence and Coldplay, Glow's strong melodies and beautiful, emotive vocals help to make them a constant on electonica online radio. Voted The RFT's Best Electronica Band of 2004, Glow is currently promoting their new album, "The Years.". Glow also contributed to Section 44's Fixx tribute covering"Stand or Fall". One of the best tracks on the album.
Invisible Asps (USA) - Tragedy

Invisible Asps was conceived as a vehicle for exploring Aron Beatty's resoundingly dark interest in bringing about a marriage of sorts of alternative/industrial rock and Eastern influenced music. The product of this musical bastardization has been two full albums, inclusion on several compilations, collaborations with other artists, and a dizzying array of remixes for other bands. IA was started over 10 years ago and has gone through many different styles of music during that time from dark, hangly pop to industrial debauchery to soothing ambient electronica.
Provision (USA) - Denial

Provision was formed in November of 2000 from the ashes of former Industrial Dance/EBM acts - Underground Network Intelligence (U-N-I) and Wraith. Self described as Electronic Dance with an Edge, with 10 years of experience in former electronic acts; Provision infuses Industrial
Dance & Synthpop. Provision signed with Section 44 in 2006. Pick-up their latest studio album "The Consequence" in our webshop. 'Images' is an exclusive new track to this compilation.
Royal Visionaries (USA/Sweden) - Choir of Angels

Royal Visionaries is a modern synthpop band consisting of Patrik Sjöström (Sweden) and Steven Cochran (USA). Their first CD release, Back to Yazoo, is a maxi-single featuring original tracks plus remixes by eleven prominent electronic artists from all over the world. Their cover versions of "The Day Before You Came" by ABBA and "At Last" by Boytronic are included on tribute albums from Flying Saucer Records and Intrapop Records. They are currently in the studio, hard at work on their debut full-length CD.
Splendor Projekt (USA/France) - Age Of Love (Interface2x Remix)

Let the new era began..... two people collaborating from opposite ends of the earth. a sign of the times, perhaps? creating songs about love. using metaphors of satellites and new technology.catchy. experimental. words that make you feel something. idealistic. dancable. radio and dj friendly. offering hope where there is complete despair. simple. beautiful. pure. intelligent. thought provoking. music for the human race. made for you to sing along.
Storybox (USA) - No Dancing Allowed (Radio Edit)

Storybox is the poptronic music outlet for Agent D (a.k.a. Dave Montana). Many have asked why the name change. The answer is complex.The new musical direction in which Agent D of Storybox is headed is far different from the releases under Dave Montana and will once and for all clear any doubts and misconceptions. Storybox's CD "No Dancing Allowed" is scheduled for release in 2006.
Technoir (Germany) - Liar

Mixing cold electronic sound elements with emotionally driven harmonies, technoir creates deep and honest songs about desire, failure, lust, and hope. Signed to Alfa Matrix.

Vocals: Julia Beyer
Technoir production / compositions: Steffen Gehring
Tristraum (USA) - Eyes Wide Open

Tristraum is Randall Erkelens, Krystyna Eller and Pierre Norman. Their genre-crossing sound has synthpop, darkwave, and trance influences. Shiver, their debut 10-track MCD, was released in April, 2004. Shiver topped club play charts and is received rave reviews. Their full-length album 'Gray' was released in April, 2006. Their second single "First Embrace" will be released in May, 2006 with three tracks and seven remixes. See webshop for complete ordering information on all Tristraum releases.
David Vesel (USA) - Frozen World

Inspired by European dance sounds, seasoned with American rock, David walks the grey space in between. Critical acclaim continues to grow for David's music - simultaneously looking bck fondly at '80s new wave and forward to modern electro.The electronic community has been largely positive about David's music as he makes his bid for electropop recognition. His current album Your mileage My Vary can be ordered via his website.
Zombie Girl (Canada) - We Are The Ones

Zombie Girl is a Canadian born project, located in Edmonton, Canada. The music can be described as electronic dancefloor music, with elements of rock'n'roll and good old horror movie themes, with a touch of humour. It is pumping, grooving and tremendeaously lead by the sexy and captivating vocals of Renee C. Komor. Renee is the voice, body and spirit behind Zombie Girl. Her husband and partner Sebastian R. Komor ( Icon of coil ) is the zombiefied male behind the music and most of the lyrics, is from Norway.




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