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Storybox is the poptronic music outlet for Agent D (a.k.a. Dave Montana).

Going back in time... Dave's musical journey began very early in his life. He has come a long way from playing a toy drum set at the age of 4 in a cold Chicago basement, to self-producing his own album of original material without any other musicians; playing all the instruments and recording all the vocals himself. Born in Detroit, Dave studied music in his formative years in the Antonio Paoli School of Music in Caguas, Puerto Rico. To enrich his musical experience, Dave joined different bands sometimes playing a different instrument in each one. He concurrently was a percussionist for a marching band while he played bass for a calypso combo, drums for a jazz outfit and guitar for a heavy metal band.

In 1983, at the age of 13, he recorded drums and vocals on an album with the band Ocolomy. In 1988 he formed his own band and played drums while also being the lead vocalist. It was then that he started performing his own material. He befriended the members of a popular Techno-Pop band called No You Turn and opened some shows for them. Later, their drummer Willie Aleman decided to leave the band to become their manager and Dave accepted the offer to be his replacement. No You Turn enjoyed much success after the release of their single "I Still Love You" which was remixed by world known remix artist Pablo Flores who has worked with Madonna, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera and others. While still playing with NYT, Dave played bass for Taone and he toured in Cuba with them in 1991. Two days after the tour ended, Dave moved to Florida and No You Turn released their second album in 1992. While in Florida, Dave continued writing material and playing with odd bands at private parties. But it was not until he moved to Austin, TX that he had his first solo performance at an AIDS fundraising event. In 1999, Dave worked with Carl Arnfiled and Electro Junkies from Manchester, England on the track "Gadget Girl" for their "Sonic Demolition" release.

Work on "Such Things As Love And Pain" began in April of 2003. To test his audience, Dave released mp3s of some of his songs on several internet sites to see how they would be received. His song "Fade Away" went to number 1 on both Soundclick and NowhereRadio. While "Fade Away" was still on the top spot on NowhereRadio, his song "I Want Someone" reached number 2. Since then several songs have been on the Top 10 on several station sites. The album was completed in May of 2004 and was released in late June. Dave's debut album reached number 2 on the OutVoice Top 40 for May of 2005 and was nominated for 3 Pride in the Arts Awards 2005 from StoneWall Society, winning the Genre Award. The album also landed at number 3 on the Top 40 OutVoice CDs of 2005. In September 2005, Woobie Bear Music released the "Bear Tracks 3" compilation including one of Dave's songs. October 20, 2005 saw the world premier of the film "OpenCam" which includes the Electro Junkies Manic Mix of "Fade Away".

Shortly after ending tour dates to support "Such Things As Love And Pain" Dave decided to go back to his synthpop roots and start over under a new moniker. The first official release as Storybox was "No Dancing Allowed (Radio Edit) included in the compilation "Sector One" from Section 44 Records, top charting in various internet radio stations. Several more tracks have appeared on other compilations since then. Storybox debut album "No Dancing Allowed" is scheduled for release in August 2007 on Section 44.

  Official Releases

Storybox - No Dancing Allowed
Release Date: August 2007
Label: Section 44

1 No Dancing Allowed
2 Never Wonder (Words Unspoken)
3 Ashes In The Air
4 Fantasy
5 Sun - 4:25
6 Things We Said Today
7 Ardor
8 Dream Ghosts
9 Therapy - 4:27
10 You Move Me
11 Gone With The Wind


Dave Montana
Release Date: July 2004
Label: HardBite Records

1 Fade Away
2 I Want Someone
3 Collecting Dust
4 Walking On A Thin Line
5 I Don't Believe In Love
6 Burning Inside
7 Everyday
8 Rain
9 I Love You (Mother's Song)
10 For The Last Time
11 Fade Way
12 Walking On A Thin Line (NeoRock Mix)
13 Fade Away (Electro Junkies Manic Mix)
14 I Love You (Copacabana Mix)


Compilation Appearances

Album - Triple Play Vol. 1
Release Date: July 2007
Label: Woobie Bear Music

1 Storybox - Hatred
2 Storybox - No Dancing Allowed (People Theatre's Nodisco Mix)
3 Storybox - Sun (Lthrboots Club mix)
4 Storybox - Hey! Loney
5 Storybox - Gone With The Wind


Album - G CD Global
Release Date: Jan 2007
Label: Woobie Bear Music

2-Disc Release:
Disc 1, Track 16: Storybox - Never Wonder (Words Unspoken)


Sector One - Vol. 1
Release Date: August 2006
Label: Section 44

Storybox - No Dancing Allowed


Bear Tracks - Volume 3
Release Date: September 2005
Label: Woobie Bear Music

Storybox - Ardor (Submissive Mix)




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