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Brisbane band Tycho Brahe has a progressive powersynth sound created by Ken Evans, Georgina Emery, Andy Walls and Francis Tohill

Seasoned veterans of the live music scene, Tycho regularly gig around Brisbane and beyond. Between shows they retire to the Tycho Room, a bunker full of synthesisers, beat machines, science fiction merchandise and - usually - Max the Studio Cat.

Tycho have released several records, traded remixes with a number of bands and appeared on compilations the world over

  Official Releases

Tycho Brahe - Transatlantic - The Atlantic Remixes
Release Date: Early 2007
Label: Section 44

1 It's Not Enough - Extended
2 Don't Feel That Way - EMP Extended
3 Throwaway Fashion - Angel Theory Remix
4 Sanctify - Extended
5 Free - Tenth Stage Extended Edit
6 Avarice - Real Life Remix
7 Military Option - Boxcar Edit
8 Laconia - Rock Mix
9 Marianne - Tankt Remix
10 Seventeen - Remix
11 Empty Days - Process Void Remix
12 It's Not Enough - Garland Cult Remix


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Tycho Brahe - Free
Released: 2007

1 Free (The Tenth Stage Remix)
2 Military Option (Boxcar Smoke and Mirrors Extended Mix)
3 Free (The Tenth Stage Extended Remix)
4 Don't Feel That Way (Original Version)*
5 Sanctify (Alternate Version)
6 Marianne (Extended Version)


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Tycho Brahe - Atlantic
Released: 2006
Label: Cohaagen Music

1 It's Not Enough
2 Don't Feel That Way
3 Throwaway Fashion
4 Sanctify
5 Free
6 Avarice
7 Military Option
8 Laconia
9 Marianne
10 Seventeen
11 Empty Days
12 Avarice (Special K Stompy Club Mix)




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