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Probe 7 is a synth project started by Brent Heinze in 1992 and now based in Southern California featuring a variety ofvocalists and other musicians. Remixes have been produced for My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Kirlian Camera, Deathline International, Fiction 8, Solemn Assembly, The AXIOM Divide, Sunshine for the Masses, Tyler Hall, Justin Utley, Ejector, and Zahatar. 



Parallel Universe


Strange Angels / Drowning (remixes)

1. Strange Angles (Survivor Mix)
2. Strange Angles (Fiction 8 Mix)
3. Strange Angles (Kick and Go Trip Dub Mix)
4. Strange Angles (Testone & Matt Consola Tech Mix)
5. Strange Angles (Kick and Go Tech Pop Mix)
6. Strange Angles (DAC Mix)
7. Drowning (Nefarious Mix)
8. Drowning (Barona & Rafael Dubster Mix)
9. Drowning (DJ Nina Flowers Under Water Dub Mix)
10. The Break Up - Strange Angels (Nephilim Mix)
11. The AXIOM Divide - Drowning (Turbulent Mix)

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