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machine made pleasure


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Randy Fox and Barry Hammers have known each other for many years, but when they decided to form Machine Made Pleasure in 2004, they never imagined the music they could create. Inspired by recent artists Apoptygma Berzerk, De/Vision, Icon of Coil, Colony 5, VNV Nation and influenced by past greats Depeche Made, Erasure and The Human League, Machine Made Pleasure set out to make great music that would play in your head all day.



Danceland Graffiti

1. A Pointless Game
2. Nevermore
3. Cassiopeia
4. The Last Train
5. I Am The Thorn
6. For The First Time
7. I'm A Fool Again
8. Misty
9. White Dress
10. The Pain Inside
11. Wondering


Life Is Calling

1. No More Fantasy
2. Drive Away
3. Song Of Sin
4. When I Touch The Moon
5. Here Voice Is A Hearbeat
6. Breathe
7. Tragedy
8. Never Let You Go
9. I'm Melting
10. Never Break Apart
11. I'm Afraid Of Love
12. Guardian Angel
13. Gears In Motion

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