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Nórdika is: 
Alejandro Marin (Alex Nórdika): Producer, Vocalist, Lyricist Programmer 

Nórdika is a synthpop band formed in Mexico, in 2008 influenced by the tendency of new wave, synthpop, futurepop. Nórdika born as a fresh proposal on the international scene, with and 3 Album's and 18 Ep / Singles. Nórdika already shared the stage with internationally renowned bands like Solitary Experiments, Covenant, Fadehead among others. Nórdika has collaborated in several official releases among which big bands of the genre, such as: Felix Marc (Frozen Plasma / Diorama), Alex Braun (!Distain) Spektralized, Les Anges the Nuit, Vanguard, Ruined Conflict, Want / ED, ien Oblique, Syrian, Carved Souls, Vanguard, Moenia, Synthetixxx, Star Crussaders, Pegasus Asteroid, Distorted World, Twisted Destiny, Mondtraume, etc. 



Like Stars feat. Henrik Iversen

1. Like Stars feat. Henrik Iversen

2. Like Stars (Time's Up Mix by Ian oblique)

3. Like Stars (An Eloquent Remix)

4. Like Stars (Neuroactive Remix)

5. Like Stars (Henrik Iversen Version)

6. Like Stars (Instrumental)

7. Like Stars (Instrumental Version)



1. Dulce Infierno 

2. Tu Distracción 

3. Hipnotik Part 1 

4. True Love 

5. Rain feat. Helena Wigeborn 

6. Miel 

7. Like Stars feat. Henrik Iversen 

8. Depressed Guy 

9. Adictos 

10. No Duele Más 

11. Hipnotik Part 2 

12. Hazme Sentir 

13. Don't be Afraid of the Dark 

14. Morpheus 

15. Miel - Version (Digital Bonus Track)

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