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Ethereal, harmonic, dramatic & at times mysterious vocals that set the band apart from many of their contemporaries by adding a more characteristic touch to traditional synthpop. Baroque touches and dramatically labyrinthed synthetics soundscapes.

The lead vocals fuse gently into the rest of the music: lush and genuine. Tristraum brings a lot of romantic and new wave influences throughout.



Gray (debut album)

1. Eyes Wide Open

2. First Embrace

3. Death of Varena

4. Gray

5. Chase the Fire (The Fixx Cover)

6. Shiver

7. Walking with Shadows (Gary Numan Cover)

8. I'm Under No One

9. Before It's Gone

10. Toothing


Shiver (Maxi Single)

1. Shiver
2. Shiver (Assemblage 23 Remix)
3. Shiver (Echo Image Remix)
4. Shiver (Infamous Electro Dub)
5. Shiver (Invisible ASPS Remix)
6. Shiver (Amun-Raw Club Mix)
7. Shiver (Empire State Human Remix)
8. Shiver (Saxxon Pike Darkscape Remix)
9. Shiver (Equatronic Remix)
10. Shiver (Lime N' Dale Remix)
11. Brilliant
12. I'm Under No One

Screen Shot 2021-12-25 at 7.25.39 PM.png

First Embrace (Maxi Single)

1. First Embrace (Empire State Human Remix)
2. First Embrace (Amurai Club Remix)
3. I'm Under No One (God Project Remix)
4. First Embrace (Trotski's Block Remix)
5. I'm Under No One (Sequentia Remix)
6. First Embrace (Lime N' Dale Remix)
7. Shiver (Therm Remix)

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