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Eminent Sol


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Eminent Sol is a unique synthesizer-driven art machine that combines precise, machine-like rhythms, with infectious pop hooks, and irresistible melodies that get stuck in your head for days.

Eminent Sol compose original, thumping dance tracks and lush, swooning ballads with equal aplomb.



Listen. Love. Repeat.

1. Sway (Jimm Kjelgaard Mix)

2. Hope (Faster Mix)

3. Listen. Love. Repeat.

4. Decade (Extended Mix)

5. Tomorrow May Come

6. Struggle To Survive

7. Neon Blue (SWR Mix)

8. Phyxius Caelum

9. Thoriumm

10. Schadenfreude (Extended Mix)

11. Beautiful World (America)

12. Decade (Matthias Remix)

13. Decade (2021 Single Edit)

14. Sway (Jimm Kjelgaard Instrumental Mix)


Decade: 25th Anniversary EP

1. Decade
2. Twillight Zone
3. Beautiful World (Contintal Drift Mix)
4. Decade (Acoustic Mix)
5. Beautiful World


Tomorrow May Come EP

1. Tomorrow May Come (Album Version)
2. Tomorrow May Come (Radio Edit)
3. Hope
4. Circa 1984 (Extended Mix)
5. MHK (The Eminence Of Sol Mix)
6. Tomorrow May Come feat. Tara Lloyd (Orig 1999 Demo)

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